About Us

 Usraz Education is a 2 director registered private limited  company. It is registered as Usraz Education Private Limited. (CIN – U80302BR2018PTC039777)

The idea and foundation of company is quite old. But it was incorporated as Private Limited company on 25 October 2018. 


Our Mission

Our company’s goal is to eliminate the gap between education system and corporate world by enhancing the thinking ability, personality & attitude of our students by training them for advance communication skills and by Including practical education in our teaching method.

Many students remain average student because either they don’t know the correct way of studying or they don’t understand whatever they read. Now a days it is seen that students are becoming dependent on their teachers instead of being self dependent and self sufficient.  As well as our education system is focusing on grades of students only. No one wants to counsel the students, find their weak areas and their exact potential. They are always intended to just mug up their lessons and get good marks. 

We at Usraz Education Private Limited are teaching students after counseling the students properly. We find the exact weakness and reasons for poor performance in studies. Thereafter, we provide them education which is completely based on assessments and practicals. For the ease of students, they may opt to do all the practicals at their home also. Our teachers will carry the required equipments for experiments to your home and carry out all the practicals at your home. We are into student counseling and training them for better personality, better attitude, better communication skills, better understanding and memorising skills.